How do credits work?

You buy credits and use them on your concerts.
Minimum charge is 3 credits - about £3
There are discounts if you buy credits in bulk.  e.g. £40 for 50 credits.

The more credits you put on a concert, the higher it is displayed on our concert listings.
Most people spend 3 - 10 credits per concert.  Some people spend up to 100 per concert.
If you log in and go to the concert listings page, you can see how much other people are spending on their concerts.
There's no time limit, so the longer you advertise your concert for, the better value you get.
Credits can also be used to pay for Banner adverts.  The cost is £30 or 30 credits per month.

My Group already has an account on Concert Diary.  How do I join it?

If your group has an existing "promoter account" on Concert Diary, there are 2 ways you can join it.

option 1:

Register on Concert Diary, and click on the email you receive, to validate your account.
Then ask the existing account holder to add you to the promoter account.  
To do this, they need to be the main account holder.  
The steps they need to follow are:

Log in
Go to Promoter Account
Enter the new user's email address in the Add User box and Click on "Invite".
(Optional step)  Make you the main user on the promoter account.

Please note that this only works a) if the new user has already registered on the site and b) if you are the main account holder

If the existing account holder has left your organisation, or this doesn't work, you'll need to do option 2 instead.

option 2: 

Register on Concert Diary, and click on the email you receive, to validate your account.
Contact us and we'll sort things out for you. :-)


How do I set up a banner for my concerts / festival?

Create a 200 x 200 ad in .jpg, .gif or .png format. 
Go to banner ads and upload your ad.  
We'll then get in touch to confirm everything and take payment.